Scoot Nation First: Westy Gets Sig Parts From Grit!

Grit are releasing a Nathan Weston Sig Scooter with a complete scooters deck and bar designed by the man himself! They will be available in limited numbers from early March, prices TBC. Spec will include:

Custom Logo Chromo Oversized T Bars (With Thicker Cro-Mo, Raw Welds, Extra Slim Joint Reinforcement & Clear Coat Finish)
Grit Sucker Grips & Bar Ends
HIC Compression
Black One Piece Alloy Forks
Black on Black New Profile Grit Wheels
Raw Deck 100mm x 500 MM

Westy was kind enough to land some factory images in my inbox earlier today. I can’t share all of them but here are a few leaked images, let us know what you think!