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MGP Ryan Williams Sig Bars?

MGP Ryan Williams Sig Bars?

It’s definitely looking that way from the teaser image Madd Gear have just leaked this image of a sinister looking R Willy complete scooters with some wide as hell bars. Does this mean the start of some seriously next level sig parts from MGP? I hope so!

For a free copy of Scoot Nation Issue 9 tell us who else R Willy rides for.

  1. Brendan Middleton

    ryan williams rides for Maddgear and film bangers

    1. Brendan Middleton

      didnt mean the film bangers bit :/

  2. Tom Willox

    But who else does he ride for?

  3. Tom

    Scooter central

  4. Tom Willox

    Keep them coming!

  5. Dale Harris


  6. henry griffiths

    Mgp and beastie

  7. ali

    sell me SOMETHING PEPS

  8. Jack

    Nitro circus

  9. Nathan


  10. Trevor

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